This campaign is set in HârnWorld.

Hârn, HârnMaster, and HârnWorld are all © 1987-2013 N. Robyn Crossby and Columbia Games Inc. Their works are available for sale on the Columbia Games Ltd website. The rules used (and occasionally quoted on this site) is from HarnMaster III. The basis of almost all the information on this site comes from HarnDex, HarnPlayer, HarnReligion, and the Kingdom of Kanday module. No doubt I’ve quoted, rewritten or used information from other sources from Columbia Games Inc.

Another company produces Hârn, HârnMaster, and HârnWorld. This company, founded by N. Robyn Crossby is Kelestia. Their works are available for sale on the Kelestia website.

Most Hârn fannon (that is, derivative Hârn articles written by fans) are available on the Lythia website

The source of this campaign comes from a series of Harn fannon articles, written by Kerry Mould. His articles are available here.

Other source of information found on this site come from the following articles:

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