Map reference: E8
Realm: Kanday Holder: Constable
Population: 2,765 From: King of Kanday
Hundred: Kandis Hundred Shire: Daenshire

The second-largest settlement in the Kingdom of Kanday (after Aleath), Dyrisa is the principal seat of the King of Kanday and center of the royal bureaucracy.

The original keep was built in 388 during the Corani Empire on the site of an earlier fortification and tribal settlement. After the collapse of the empire, Dyrisa was held by a series of Morgathian despots who preserved their power long after the collapse of the Theocracy of Tekhos in 588. The castle eventually surrendered to Andasin I of Kanday in 620 after a bitter three-month siege. The Morgathian temple that stood at the center of the town was immediately razed and the ground it stood on was exorcised and sanctified.

Dyrisa is a budding walled town with an impressive castle. Located at the head of navigation on the River Eryn, the fortress guards a good stone bridge bearing the Aleath-Coranan Road. The wall was begun in 718 and is still under construction. The town also contains a magnificent Laranian cathedral, begun in 669 and finished in 715. It is the seat of the Laranian archbishop of Kanday. The king spends about 4-6 months of each year in Dyrisa, mostly during the winter. The Constable of Dyrisa, Sir Fodin Dravaen, governs when the king is not in residence.

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