Map reference: E8 Realm: Kanday
Holder: Sheriff of Daen Population: 370
Liege: Andasin IV, King of Kanday

Edino is host to the moot of Daenshire. The caer was built in 403 by Queen Elana of Aleathia. Following the annexation of Aleathia kingdom by the Corani Empire in 453, Edino became the residence of one of the deputy governors of Aleathia province.

Edino is most famous as being the birthplace of Andasin I, the founder of Kanday, whose father was executed by the Theocrats.

In 598, Andasin attacked Edino and seized it from the vicious warlord Taklar Zedabas, known locally as the Ogre. The Sheriff of Daen is Sir Crasel Avandar, a hardworking and laconic man of 48.

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