Map reference: E7
Realm: Kanday Holder: Earl of Heroth
Population: 570 Liege: King of Kanday
Hundred: Narath Hundred Shire: Norashire

The principal seat of Earl Sinel Cassean. Built as a Corani Empire fortress in 421, Heroth’s seizure by Xuaka of Aleathia in 443 sparked the war that resulted in the annexation of Aleathia by the Empire. After the collapse of the Theocracy, it was ruled by a series of violent despots who styled themselves Lords of Norea. In 623, it was captured by the Order of the Checkered Shield. The earldom was created by Andasin II in 647 for Clan Cassean. The extensive forests surrounding the site are a prominent source of yew for the making of longbows but are also an infamous refuge for assorted brigands. Earl Cassean, an ambitious aristocrat in his late 40s, is currently attempting to marry his daughter to the king, an event that is not viewed favorably by the Earl of Sarkum.

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