Lady of the Flowing Red, Guardian of Dolithor, Shield Maiden to Hyvrik, Protector of the Brave, The Unwilling Warrior, The Lady of Paladins.

Larani is the deity of chivalry, the good goddess of battle and the reluctant warrior. Dwelling in the Land of the Mighty in the fortress of Dolithor, she occasionally leaves her kingdom to her constable, Mendiz, to walk among men. Followers of Larani display courage, compassion, and unimpeachable honour. Larani is the lady of chivalrous knights. Although combat for the sake of honour is permitted, as is tilting according to the rules, serious or mortal combat is to be indulged in with reluctance. Her loyal adherents are loath to take life if there is an honourable alternative.

Almost all of Larani’s lay adherents and many of her clerics are warriors of some ability. On rare occasions, Larani loses her patience and appears to men as the terrible Lady of the Flowing Red. In this guise, she bears her awesome ancient symbols: Avarkiel, her mighty battlesword; Hyvrik, her red and white checkered shield; and Angcaradina, her blood-red mail.

The pontiff of the Church of Larani is the abbot or abbess of Tengela in Trierzon; he or she is also a powerful secular lord. The seat of the Laranian primate of Hârn is in Thay. On Hârn, two principal clerical orders worship Larani, each of which sponsors its own lay fighting order. There is no real philosophical difference between the orders; they exist partly to provide a degree of competition for honour in time of peace and partly for geographical reasons. The orders are:

Clerical Order Fighting Order
Order of Hyvrik The Checkered Shield
The Spear of Shattered Sorrow The Lady of Paladins

The Order of Hyvrik and the Checkered Shield confine their activities to western Harn, The Spear of Shattered Sorrow and the Lady of Paladins to the east. The ritual garb of the clerics varies according to circumstance and need, but the favoured colours are red and white.


Titles In The Laranian Church
Sebrath Pontiff
Lirrath Primate
Serekela Archbishop
Rekela Bishop
Serolan High Priest
Matakea Temple Priest
Ashesa Acolyte
Turintesa Clerical Order Grandmaster
Chabla Fighting Order Grandmaster
Reblena Commander
Melana Knight
Erana Wandering Knight
Meken Soldier
Valaran Master of Acolytes
Suloran Master of Archives
Obasaran Master of Secular Affairs
Menoran Master of the Fighting Order
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