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A War For All Ages

Kanday, 723TR.

Nothing could prepare the first generation born into peace in the region for what was to come. Of all the grandeur and glory they heard about growing up, the next few years would bring about the potential to great changes in the region. With the party the lynch-pin in deciding whether to go to war, or circumnavigate it entirely, this campaign will see the Order of the Copper Hook rise in victory or fall forever into defeat. The fallout from these ensuing battles should be interwoven with Morgathian plots, murders, mysteries, and Rethemi politics. All on a backdrop of Kandian and Laranian politics.

They came from the town of Selvos, they are the agents of the Crown Prince Anaflas. They go where they are sent, and solve the problems they find to the best of their ability.

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Main Page

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