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  • Home Go back to the main page (with the simple menu; like the one to the left).
  • Loot. The items found by the players in this game.
  • Adventure Log An index to the adventure logs (and player-entries) for the game.

This page contains a listing of all the loot “found” by the party. Treasures found by the party will be indexed here, and fully described in their own entries.

Specific items, discovered by the party, include:


The starting equipment was based on the sample equipment packs and priest equipment packs, as examples.



PCs and NPCs. Click on a tag to view them by career, race, status, or location.


ideally, these would be hot-linked to a map (maybe showing highlighted pieces of a map?.

House Rules

  • Armour Profiles. An easier way to buy a suit of armour; standard mixing and matching bits with one price, one weight.
  • Eyes of the Gods When you roll 100 in this game – the gods are watching. The result is determined by which god.
  • Gaining Piety Piety is a handy form of karma, spend it as you will – just make sure you never run out.
  • Gaining SIRs Skill Improvement Rolls. How you get them and how they improve your character’s skills.
  • Option Points How to “age” a character.
  • Sample equipment packs What to buy when you’re creating a character in HarnWorld and how much it will cost you.
  • Skill Improvement Standard rules explained for how to increase any given skill.
  • Whimsy Cards. Each game you get 3. The rules for their use are simple; but remember – the gamemaster gets three too!


Giant table of the history of Harn.



The Harnic calendar of 12 months.

  • Nuzyael. March – first month of the new year and spring.
  • Nolus. April.
  • Azura. May.
  • Ilvin. June – first month of summer.
  • Peonu. July.
  • Larane. August.
  • Halane. September – first month of autumn.
  • Navek. October.
  • Kelen. November.
  • Agrazhar. December – first month of winter.
  • Savor. January.
  • Morgat. Feburary. Last month of the old year and winter.


  • The Green Owls. The Earl of Selvos’s own men. Their standard sits atop the Chahryn family crest.
  • Frukes Angels. The mercenaries hired by the miner’s guild to keep them safe along Kanday’s border.




The legends of the land.



  • Khuzdul The Dwarves of Hârn.
  • Sindarin The Elves of Harn.
  • Jarin The predominant human culture on the island of Harn
  • Gargun The orcs of Harn
  • Ivashu The monsters of Harn.
  • Ivinian. The settlers from Ivinia.
  • Lythian. The majority of the settlers of Harn.
  • Gozyda. Tribal peoples of sourthern Kanday.


More about the 10 gods of Hârn.


GlossaryCommon Hârnic terms that might not be so common outside of Hârn.



Symbols. What do all these symbols mean?
Site Map. This page.


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