A 6" diameter sphere with a single metal band around it. The glass sphere fills with light upon command. This is an artefact. The ball links with its owner after 24h; after wich it uses its own clair-audience to listen for commands.

Category: Object. Ball of glass
Specialities: Intelligent (Int 5, Wil 5, Aur 15, Ego 5)
Additional powers:
*Flight (Buoyancy Of Shal (Lyahvi III) ML 99 – MS)
*Light (Beacon Of Isala (Lyahvi I) ML 99 – MS)

  • Clair-audience (Tongue Of Pvara (Neutral I) ML 96 – MS)
  • Trained to the following commands:
    • ’’Illuminate’’ (on).
    • ‘’Darkness ’’(off).
    • ’’Higher’’: goes up in 1’ increments.
    • ’’Ceiling’’: floats to just below the ceiling.
    • ’’Follow’’: it follows the user’s noises (footfalls, breathing, etc).
      Damage: N/A
      Weight: 2 lbs
      Cost to wield: 1 charge per activation. Total of up to 99 charges.
      Penalties: N/A


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