Map reference: [D7]
Realm: Kanday Holder: Sir Grolis Chahryn
Population: 580 Liege: King of Kanday
Held by: Sir Grolis Chahryn Acres: 1950
LQ 0.91 Households 116
Shire: Perishire Hundred: Dureve Hundred

The seat of the Earl of Selvos is also the source of much of his wealth. Control of the town with its property taxes, bonding and hawking fees provides a steady stream of silver into the castle’s coffers.

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The households are split into two groups. The guildsmen (27 Households), nobles, military and clergy (17 Households), and the unguleded (21 Households) form the first group. Their focus is in-wards, on the market or castle and few even have their own vegetable plot. The yeomen (3 Households), farmers (4 Households), villeins (14 Households), half-villeins (8 Households) and cottars (17 Households) form the second group. Their focus is out-wards, towards the fields and pasture that surround the town. Twelve of the cottar families are actually fishermen who operate from Selvos harbour. The Earl retains about 800 acres divided between 400 wooded acres and 400 acres of demesne.

The Earl’s tenants are kept busy supplying the town’s perishable goods. Cows and goats for milk, chickens and geese for eggs and cooking, and vegetable gardens and fruit trees fro their produce, are more common, even among poor cottar families, because of the large and stable market for their products.

The castle’s demesne farm is actually fairly small, only 400 acres, and is run by a bailiff, Steu of Kerpatik, son of a mercantryler. His primary task is to operate the large stables that house the horses for the Earl and his retinue. He also supervises the Lord’s kennels and falconry. Much of the demesne is given over to pasture, both for summer grazing and winter fodder. Several large barns are necessary to stockpile enough hay and oats to feed dozens of hungry warhorses through the winter. Literate and good with figures, Steu also assists the Earl’s Stewart, Sir Hanzar Dorien, in the management of the four manors operated by bailiffs for the Earl.

The bailiff has suggested to the Stewart that the Earl could further increase his revenues if he were to establish a number of manors devoted to sheep farming, similar to Gebasath. He recommended the areas south-east of Hemhur as the best candidates.

The current Earl of Selvos, is Sir Grolis Chahryn, who is nearly 80 and has all but abdicated his duties to his eldest son, Temilin. The Earl receives fealty from the barons of Dunir and Zerien.


A brief timeline of the town.

Date Event
1000BT Selvos moors settled by Jarin from the east.
247TR Meredi Federation formed to oppose the Corani Empire’s expansion.
377TR Battle of Hereg: Merdi Federation defeated by Arosta the Conquerer of the Corani Empire
433TR-437TR Kingdom of Aleathia disputes ownership of the coast (including Selvos) with the Corani Empire.
447TR King Xuaka of the Kingdom of Aleathia accepts peas terms after being defeated by Emperor Mejenes of the Corani Empire.
479TR Selvos established by Corani Empire to protect shipping.
515TR Miner’s guild opens two valuable iron mines in the region.
558TR Balshan Jihad starts.
563TR Selvos falls to the Balshan Jihad without a fight.
565TR Theocracy of Tekhos founded.
566TR Religous tribunal starts in Selvos crushing opposition of a Morgathian rule.
589TR Rebellion against the Theocracy starts; Idt of Rosin proclaims himself Lord of Selvos.
623TR Idt of Rosin dies in battle, Cayir succeeds him.
642TR Cayir is defeated by Arlun the Barbarian, King of Rethem.
650TR Harvest wiped out by by weather. Cayir cannot pay tribute to Arlun.
651TR Arlun annexes Selvos; and it becomes a royal castle of the Kingdom of Rethem.
654TR New Selvos castle built.
656TR King Obras replaces Arlun as king of Rethem.
672TR King Obras dies, King Nemarian replaces him.
681TR Selvos granted to the Agrikan Order of the Copper Hook. Religious tribunal starts in Selvos, crushing opposition of an Agrikan rule.
682-697TR Ezar’s War between Kanday and Rethem
694TR Forty Kandaian knights and four hundred foot raided and took Selvos from Rethem in a single night.
697TR The treaty of the Peace of Selvos was signed, formalizing new borders and ending the war.
698TR Religious tribunal starts in Selvos, crushing opposition of a Laranian rule (AKA: The purge).
698TR Mielael, Queen of Kanday, granted the Earldom to Sir Grolis Chahryn, the first Earl of Selvos.
717TR Game starts.
721TR Current day.


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The timeline is derived from the History of Selvos in the Selvos article. Written by Kerry Mould, and edited by Tom Dalgliesh and Grant Dalgliesh. The article is © 2002 and copyright N. Robin Crossby and Columbia Games Inc. It is available for sale from the Columbia Games website.

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