This page will list the changes to this site in reverse chronological order.


  • The Logs need a lot of love. The broken links are mostly caused by having dashes and other punctuation in the titles. Not sure how long this is going to take as we’re at log #91, and I have to start at 00. I’m going through them (slowly) to:
    1. Put a standard link back to the adventure page.
    2. Harmonize the titles so they all start with a two digit number (and contain no punctuation). Which means creating a new page entirely, copying everything over to the new page, and deleting the old.
    3. Add GM notes and, where they exist – links to the actual adventure hosted elsewhere (in GM notes).
    4. Fix posting dates so the logs appear in the proper order on the adventure log.



  • Added Counsels of Tirrala. A peonian holy text of the teachings of Tirrala, the handmaiden of renewal.
  • Created the AskMe page.
  • I got published in the Obsidian Portal blog! Check it out!





  • Updated all the primary pages to move Updates to the fore, as well as add The Blog. Also fixed a typo on every fronts page.
  • Added The state of affairs in 720 as a summary of the year for 720. More in this vein to follow.




Forgot to add this update information last night; best do it before it scrolls off my dashboard.





I’ve not been very good at keeping this list up-to-date. The site has received several updates since my last … um … update. But, now that I am done with the character review, I’m working on updating a lot of broken links throughout the wiki. I suspect, when I created the wiki, I really set my goals to great. Ah well, I’ve got a roadmap, and I’m following it.

  • 14 – Green Eyes. Updated the Logs so that adventure 14 now is on its own page and adventure 15 (Into the dead of winter) is under the current adventure. I also updated the list of tentative game dates until January 2016. Not much more than a list of dates, but it’s a start.
  • 63 Green eyes. Fixed this log so it would link (also cleaned up the errant more tags that were malformed in other log posts). We’ve got to stop using any kind of dash in the filen ames/titles of the logs folks. It doesn’t always break the link, but this seems to be a troublesome character that will cause a link to work for a while, then at an unknown time – snap.
  • Peace of Aleath added a History event that happened some 300 years ago.
  • Chandlers’ Guild. THis article is still lacking it’s crest, but is a quick description of the guild.
  • Jarin. Described an ethnic group of Harnians.
  • Dyrien Hundred. Added a place in Erynashire that the party has never been.
  • Toril Elcher. Added a character that the party met in Aleath duirng Summer court.
  • Clan Elcher. A Heraldry article that links the Prince of Kanday to the Grandmaster of the Order of Hyvrik; for those who wish to understand more about heraldry and politics in the game.


A lot of things in my home version of this site are lacking here (and vice versa). Updating these pages is my attempt to bring all my notes up to date. Eventually, I hope to start working on much more current things. Fortunately, the party hasn’t had a massive looting in a while.


  • Updated CSS to include colored tags in the characters page (for PC, Deceased, Larani, Agrik, Peoni and Save-Knor). Idea taken from the Rise of the Durnskald site.
  • Added a link to the CSS and this page to the Links of interest page.
  • Continued cleaning up characters. This is going to be a long process, and I’d rather not detail the steps in doing it. Suffice to say, when I add a new character it should go on the update page, but touching up characters? Maybe not.

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