Workol's Grimoire

discretionary.png An ancient Grimoire hidden in the library at Feneryn. It is a two-volume set of books written in a flowing hand, with many diagrams and rough sketches. It has s thin leather cover over thick wood and is elegantly stitched together. The spine and cover are embossed with three Harnic symbols: a shorthand version of Do not read on pain of death. Inside color is occasionally applied to a diagram, or starting character (or title), but the work itself is not illustrated. The book is sealed by thick leather cords binding to 8 individual locks. Each lock required a small key; none of which were found with the books.


The Grimoire contains all the spells Workol was working on while he was at Fenyrn. Earlier writing seems to cover work that dealt with his journeymanship; and as his journeymanship progresses, his handwriting gets better and better, with more diagrams and artistic flourishes. The Grimoire is particularly interested in subdividing the Lyavhian convocation into its base components. The work contains one or two Savorian spells, but they are dissected in such detail that an educated guess would be that Workol was trying to get the same effects from the Savorian spells from a Lyahvian spell. Considering the vast amount of notes, he came close but did not succeed. The Fyvrian section seems focused as much on finding Lothrim’s tomb as discovering what spells could be applied to longevity. His notes provide a good foundation for further work but there are no Fyvrian spell. There are, however many diagrams and even a few maps locating the potential grave sites, along with several detailed passages copied from some other book (or perhaps taken down verbatim). These passages are written in the Dwarven script.

Skill Original
Shek-P’var/Lyahvi 65/1


Medium: Parchment/Leather
Language/Script: Emela/Khruni
Year: 520 TR
Copy Quality: Fine
Availability: Unique
Location: Fenyryn

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Workol's Grimoire

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