Ebaseth Yoesf of Kesyn

Ebasethe of Selvos


A middle aged man standing 5’8" with a thin frame. He is typically clean shaven with sandy brown hair slowly going white. He dresses in simple robes in color with the season. He often walks with a Shepherd’s crook, although he does not need it.


Born in Narath Hundred, near Heroth, Yoesf came early to the church. Orphaned at age eight by a plague that took his mother, father and three older siblings, he was taken in and cared for by the village priest. A loud, happy and jolly man, Father Jai broke down the walls of sadness around the little boy and taught him to find joy in the simple bounty of the land. At age 16, Yoesf was sent to Forute Abbey to become a priest. He spent seven years there, learning reading, writing and the teachings of Peoni, but he never drifted far from what Father Jai had taught him. After being confirmed as an Ebasethe (Temple Priest), Father Yoesf, only 23, announced he wished to become a Reslava (Mendicant). He renounced all worldly goods and set out to spread the word of Peoni. He spent many years as an itinerant priest in northern Kanday. Completely penniless, he walked from village to village, preaching and doing simple labour to earn a meal here and a meal there. He became quite well known and respected among both the common folk and the nobility along the frontier, especially in Dureve Hundred where he spent much of his time.

In 712, Father Yoesf was asked to take over the parish of Selvos when the previous Pelnala decided she wanted to pass the reins to a younger pair of hands. The temple supports both the female Order of the Balm of Joy and the male Irreproachable Order, and normally the female order is senior, but in this instance, his vast experience, mild-manner and the resolute support of the retiring Pelnala won out and he was chosen to lead the flock. Father Yoesf spends most of his time in the town itself, visiting parishioners and ministering to the people first hand. One of his few personal indulgences is that he likes to personally hand out alms to the poor. Firm, yet fair, like a good father, there is no unseemly pushing and shoving, the poor line up for him and receive his blessing before the bread is distributed.

Since he arrived, donations to the church have increased dramatically due to his one on one method of soliciting contributions. His complete selflessness, dedication to a life of poverty and humility strikes hard at even the most tightfisted heart. Unfortunately, he has no head for figures and must rely on others to manage the temple finances. The fine stone temple and timber-frame orphanage and quarters he built are far better than the average Peonian church. Father Yoesf is uncomfortable with what he considered fine surroundings, but has reconciled his misgivings with prayer. The Father has a special spot in his heart for children, and remembering his own childhood, constantly tries to find good homes for “his” orphans.


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Ebaseth Yoesf of Kesyn

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